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Periodically, The Arc of New Jersey receives requests to disseminate information regarding surveys and research studies focused on intellectual and developmental disabilities and related topics. It is the policy of The Arc of New Jersey to post information about these surveys and research studies on this page, enabling visitors to click on the related links if they are interested in participating. Only surveys and studies which are sponsored by an accredited educational authority or nationally recognized research entity, and/or approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) will be posted. Posting on this page does not indicate endorsement of the study, survey or researcher by The Arc of New Jersey. Participation in a survey or research study is at the discretion of the individual.

The Development of Spatial Abilities Study at Montclair State University 

The Spatial Development Lab at Montclair State University is recruiting people with Down Syndrome and other intellectual disabilities (aged 12-25 years) to take part in a research study conducted by Dr. Yingying (Jennifer) Yang (Psychology Department). 

Title: The Development of Spatial Abilities 

Who is Eligible? People with Down Syndrome and other intellectual disabilities who are 12 to 25 years old. 

Where? Montclair State University 

Purpose?  We are studying how spatial abilities develop. 

What does the study involve? 

Children will complete some fun computer, board, and paper games. Parents will complete several questionnaires about their child's daily behaviors. It will take 2-2.5 hours with many breaks included. 

Compensation? Your child will receive a small gift and you will receive a $40 Amazon gift card. 

If you are interested in participating, please email us at or self-schedule an appointment on our website Please visit our website to learn more about our research This study has been approved by the Montclair State University Institutional Review Board, MSU IRB #FY17-18-834

University of Delaware's Autism Lab fNIRS Study: Families can participate in a study examining brain activity in infants, children and adults with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder, 3 months to 50 years; when performing various play or functional skills. This study involves 3 visits to our lab in Newark, Delaware. fNIRS is completely safe and non-invasive. A cap with LED lights is placed on the participant’s head as he/she completes activities. Payment = $30 total. To volunteer, email or call (302) 831-7608.


SPARK, autism genetic study

 The study is conducted in part by Children’s Specialized Hospital and is sponsored by the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) 

  • SPARK is the world’s largest autism research community, with a goal of recruiting 50,000 families to participate.
  • The study is conducted online and individuals and families with an autism diagnosis who live in the United States can register.
  • Participants will be asked to share information about their medical and family history, as well as to provide a saliva sample for genetic analyses to help speed up research and advance our understanding of autism.  SPARK is analyzing DNA to improve our understanding of the roles that genes play in the development of autism. 
  • SPARK will provide gift cards for saliva samples in the amount of up to $50, and will provide additional incentives for the completion of online questionnaires. 
  • Children’s Specialized Hospital, is one of 31 SPARK clinical sites across the country.
  • Participants also have the opportunity to participate in other research studies through SPARK research match if you choose to share your information with the researchers.
  • To learn more about SPARK, You can visit the SPARK FAQ page at
  • SPARK research line (908) 301-5958
  • email:

No Deadline - Ongoing Study

Seeking Research Participants: Autistic Adults with Limited or No Spoken Language 

Researchers from Rowan University invite you to participate in a research study. They are looking for the following participants for a study on mood in minimally verbal or nonverbal adults.

Participants must:

●   Be 18-45 years old

●   Have a previous diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

●   Communicate with single words or phrase speech, or use no verbal speech at all

●   Be able to walk

●   Have a parent or close caregiver who is also willing to participate.

Please contact Robyn Himelstein of the Tracking the Blues Study Team, via phone 856-431-2816 or email ( for more information. The study involves coming into our lab at the Rowan main campus (Glassboro) for about two hours. Questions? Contact Dr. Katherine Gotham (Principal Investigator) at This study has been approved by the RowanSOM IRB (Study # PRO-2021-700)


MSU Autism and Neurodevelopment Lab: Recruiting for Paid Research Opportunity

Seeking Participants for Flexible Thinking Study at Montclair State University

Researchers at Montclair State University are looking for families with children and adolescents 6-17 years old that are typically developing or have/are suspected to have autism spectrum disorder to participate in an in-person study on how children switch their thinking and attention between tasks. We hope to better understand flexible thinking patterns and how they relate to social and emotional development. Participating families will receive a $50.00 gift card for completing this study.

Questions? Contact Montclair State University Autism and Neurodevelopment Lab at 973-655-3615 or email at  For more information on our current research projects, please visit our website at

This study ends August of 2024. 

Seeking Participants 

This research study is investigating the ability to use multimedia nutrition content through
social media to educate and train direct support professionals and managers who serve adults
living with intellectual and developmental disability (IDD).  Potential benefits of this important
research study include establishing a low burden way to educate direct support providers around
nutrition and healthy eating for adults with IDD. Participants may also learn about nutrition and
healthy eating that they can apply to their own, everyday lives.

See attached for more details 

The Institute for Families (IFF) at the Rutgers School of Social Work is recruiting participants for a study aimed at increasing access to services and equitable practices for immigrants, refugees, individuals with limited English proficiency, and individuals who are blind, deafblind, visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing. We invite individuals who are limited English proficient and/or non-English speakers to share their perspective.           

Because the survey is seeking responses from individuals who are limited English proficient and/or non-English speakers, the survey has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Gujrati, Vietnamese, Arabic, Polish, Korean, and Haitian-Creole.

Respondents’ names and identities will not be used in any reports. If you have any questions about the study, please email Dr. Rebecca Swann-Jackson at


Mothers of Autistic Girls and Daughters Needed