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Healthy Lifestyles Project

Empowered (D&D)

About Empowered

Join us each Tuesday, October through December, to play the cooperative tabletop roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons! Play as a powerful hero and use your wits or might, along with teamwork, to save the day from all manner of man and monster. Games will be beginner friendly!

Register to play for two hour-long sessions. Players will select a character class and type and receive simplified character sheets to reference during the game. All rules will be explained at the start of the adventure and our "Dungeon Masters" will guide you in playing. There will be an 8 player maximum per adventure. If you register, PLEASE be sure to attend both sessions you sign up for.

How To Join

 Every Tuesday, October - February

11:00 AM -12:00 PM on Zoom

These sessions have passed but we hope to see you next year!

Upcoming Sessions

Each adventure will be played in two parts, with the same group of 8 registered players. Click your chosen date to register. You may be put on a waitlist if the session is full. In these adventures, the player characters are all members of the Port Perro City Watch. Their duties will involve patrolling the streets, manning the city gates, investigating crimes, and listening to their guard captain. Each adventure will have new characters to meet, problems to solve, villains to fight and people to save!

Nervous about joining? Want to just check it out and watch? That's okay! You can still join us to check it out.

Adventure Log

  • Our adventure takes place in Port Perro, ruled by the benevolent Lord Tograf. Our adventurers are recent recruits of the City Watch, led by the stern but heroic Captain Lyza.
  • Our adventurers have fought wolves and bandits, saved lost pups from fanatical creatures, investigated a haunted ship, and escaped a trapped puzzle dungeon. Recently, they have uncovered a new dangerous gang who caused havoc at the local armory and have been tested by Count Jasper's increasingly dangerous pranks.
  • What wild plot will unfold next week? Join us to find out!

Benefits of Playing A Role-Playing Game

While at its core it's "just a game", there's a reason why table-top RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons have become massively popular in recent years. As part of our Healthy Lifestyles Project, our "Empowered" Dungeons & Dragons sessions have many social and mental health benefits. Role-playing games (RPGs) are games in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Players take responsibility for acting out these roles within a narrative, either through literal acting or through a process of decision-making regarding character development. Actions taken within many games succeed or fail according to a the games rules.

RPGs allow you to take the reins of your fantasy character in whatever ways you wish. You can play an idealized version of yourself, or any entirely different type of person. Your choices are your own to make. All players will get the chance to practice socializing and team building skills with each other, while using their creativity and critical thinking skills to bypass obstacles and issues. You can take a break from the stressors of everyday life by jumping into a different one. Role-playing helps to develop important life skills in language and communication, perspective-taking, self-awareness, and empathy.Things will not always go the way you expect or want them to, which also teaches the importance of taking risks and possibly failing.

No matter if you are new to the genre or already expert, we'd love to have you join adventure with us!