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Children's Advocacy

Michael Pearson Jr., the Director of the Children's Advocacy Program, in front of The Arc of NJ's yellow and orange logo.

Children’s Advocacy at The Arc of New Jersey connects children with IDD to the appropriate state services that will help them develop and achieve long-term goals. The program works directly with children and families to provide individual and systems advocacy related to Early Intervention (EI), the Children’s System of Care (CSOC) and PerformCare, and special education and related services. Upholding The Arc’s reputation as the go-to place for people with IDD and their families, Children’s Advocacy acts as a resource to provide this population with quality information and support that is unmatched. In addition to providing one-to-one support, the program also develops innovative and dynamic content to make information more accessible to a broader audience.

The program’s Director, Michael Pearson Jr., remains active with families of The Arc and statewide parent groups, shaping the program’s advocacy efforts to directly reflect issues faced by children with IDD and their families. By maintaining relationships with state agencies and members of the New Jersey Legislature, the program is able to affect policy change to improve service systems and secure needed funding for children with IDD.

Michael Pearson Jr., Director, Children's Advocacy