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Health & Wellness Resources

Behavioral Health Wellness Toolkit

Adult Personal Health Record and Medical History Form

With a grant from the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities, The Arc of New Jersey developed a new Adult Personal Health Record and Medical History Form, available in both English and Spanish. Completed by a family member or caregiver, the form provides accurate documentation of the most important aspects of a person’s medical history. The original remains with the consumer or caregiver; a copy can be provided to the consumer’s primary health care providers; and copies can be brought when the consumer has other health appointments, such as a clinic or emergency room.

  • Adult Personal Health Record and Medical History Form: English
  • Adult Personal Health Record and Medical History Form: Spanish

Cancer Screening and Risk Reduction
The Arc of New Jersey and its former Mainstreaming Medical Care Program developed an initiative called Let's Talk About Health, which is a comprehensive effort to develop educational programs and materials that address health care issues of people with developmental disabilities in accessible formats. Projects to date include the following:

Diabetes Materials
Launched in 2006 with funding from The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey, The Arc of New Jersey’s Diabetes Awareness and Education Project produced materials intended to educate individuals with developmental disabilities and their caregivers regarding important steps that can be taken toward the prevention and control of Diabetes, including changes in diet and exercise habits and regular monitoring by a health care professional. 

Diabetes Video Guide and Booklet (English Version):

Diabetes Video Guide and Booklet (Spanish Version):

Today's Health Care Visit Form

A Short Form for Noting Helpful Information from Health Care Visits

The Rowan Integrated Special Needs (RISN) Center has prepared a very informative 32-page booklet titled, Women's Health and What Every Woman Should Know. Included in this booklet is a two-page form that could be useful for women with disabilities -- and also for men -- as well as for their support staff, in preparation for any type of medical appointment. The form is titled, "Today's Health Care Visit," and it has space to fill in the type of information that will be helpful in preparing for the individual's upcoming health care appointment. There is also a place on the form to note the take-away information from that appointment, including any medication or diet changes; treatment plan recommendations; plans for follow-up; etc