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The New Jersey Self-Advocacy Project


12/15/20: Overview of Supported Employment

This webinar is all about supported employment. It will answer questions such as:
What is competitive employment?
Why look for work?
What are the benefits of employment?
What is supported employment and other related services? 
How do they help?
How do I access these services/where do I start?

If you've ever had questions like the ones above, be sure to tune in to learn more!

This webinar is presented by Adam Kubler. As the director of the Arc of New Jersey's supported employment program, Project HIRE, Adam Kubler brings over a decade of vocational rehabilitation experience to the agency. Mr. Kubler manages day-to-day operations while simultaneously planning for the future of the program according to industry standards and trends. These factors contribute to the continued success of Project HIRE, which is the largest and oldest provider of supported employment services in New Jersey. Mr. Kubler is proud of the agency he directs and is always eager to seek out new opportunities to enhance services for participants served. He embraces technology as a way to improve outcomes for participants and maximize efficiency for Project HIRE staff members which leads to even more direct services provided to New Jersey constituents. True to the mission of the Arc of New Jersey, the director of Project HIRE aims to be a source of information and guidance for anyone interested in learning more about the ever changing field of supported employment and how best individuals can navigate the various supports and services that exist to help those living with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining competitive employment. For more information on Project HIRE, visit here: