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COVID-19 Updates & Information

Vaccine Information for People with I/DD, Direct Support Professionals and Families

The Department of Health is working with many other state, federal, and local agencies to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to all New Jersey communities in an equitable manner. As New Jersey plans for and then distributes the COVID-19 vaccine, please check back here often for the most recent news and information regarding vaccine availability as well as other important resources. 

New Jersey will roll out COVID-19 vaccines in a phased approach to all adults who live, work, or are being educated in the State. 


New Jersey Information

National Information


  • This fact sheet provides information about COVID-19 vaccines, including:
    • When, where, and how to get the vaccine
    • What to expect when getting the vaccine
    • What to expect after getting the vaccine
    • How to continue to stay safe before and after getting the COVID-19 vaccine

  • This social story helps readers understand why it’s important to get a COVID-19 vaccine and what to expect before, during, and after vaccination. Direct Support Professionals, family members, and other supporters can use this social story to prepare people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for getting a COVID-19 vaccine by printing or sharing on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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