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The New Jersey Self-Advocacy Project


7/2/24: The Arc of NJ Series: Criminal Justice Advocacy Program

Learn all about the Health Care Advocacy Program with Robyn Holt. Robyn Holt serves as the Director of The Arc of NJ's Criminal Justice Advocacy Program. With a background dedicated to supporting individuals with severe mental illness and co-occurring diagnoses, Robyn has worked in crisis intervention, partial care, community outreach, and directed New York City's largest Supported Housing program. Having closely interacted with individuals with disabilities in the community, she observed significant gaps and systemic issues in criminal justice matters, particularly the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Motivated to address these challenges, Robyn actively seeks opportunities to assist and advocate for individuals affected by these issues. In her current role, she facilitates crucial connections, contributes to publications, conducts statewide trainings, and collaborates with professionals and community leaders to identify and implement best practices for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).