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The New Jersey Self-Advocacy Project


4/27/21: Creating Safe Spaces: Digital & Personal Boundaries

Presented by Dr. Anne Ryan and Sara Brown with STRIVE Worldwide, this interactive webinar will focus on defining and practicing setting safe digital boundaries. Participants will learn about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. We will also practice setting and accepting personal boundaries.


Dr. Anne Ryan is the Online Program Director for STRIVE WorldWIDE, an online program designed to teach independent living skills to individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism. Anne’s background prior to joining STRIVE is in higher education, serving as an Academic Dean and Campus President. Anne has a master’s degree in Higher Education with a focus on online teaching and learning, and a doctorate in Academic Leadership.

Anne’s academic research has focused on providing access to higher education in underserved populations. Anne lives in Kennebunk, ME with her husband Brian, son Oli, and dog, Stan.

Sara Brown is the Training Coordinator for PSL Services/STRIVE and Instructor for STRIVE WorldWIDE and TOPS, STRIVE’s transitional program for high school students. Sara has worked with PSL/STRIVEsince 2004 in residential and community support, program management, and curriculum design (and lots of ridiculous and fun projects). Sara enjoys building relationships with participants and furthering inclusion through education. Sara studied sociology at the University of Southern Maine and is Ed Tech III certified in the state of Maine.

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