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The New Jersey Self-Advocacy Project


3/2/21: Empowering Legislative Advocates Through Video

This webinar will be presented by Sorretie Jaro, a Self-Advocate from Spokane, WA. Sorretie is a former SARTAC Fellow and current Chairperson of the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Ombuds Advisory Committee. Attendees will learn about Sorretie's Fellowship project which focuses on empowering self-advocates to connect with legislators and decision makers by creating videos to highlight different advocacy issues. Sorretie will also discuss tips for helping other self-advocates communicate with their elected representatives and understand different types of advocacy.


Sorretie Jaro is a self-advocate from Spokane, WA. Currently, Ms. Jaro is Chair Person of the DD Ombuds Advisory Committee. Sorretie is passionate about self-advocacy and believes that everyone has the right to learn how to use their skills, whether it be sticking up for yourself and fighting for change to make the world a better place for everybody to live.