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The New Jersey Self-Advocacy Project


2/6/24: Public and Private with Jennifer Harrison

There are some things we should not do in front of other people.
There are some places where we should not do some things.
And there are body parts that we should not show in some of these places! How are we supposed to know what to do and wear… and where?

“Public and Private” explores the concept of what is appropriate (ok for others to see and hear). We will talk about body parts we should not show others, behaviors others should not see or hear, and the places where we can and can’t do certain things! Understanding public and private will not only help keep others safe and happy around us, but recognizing what is appropriate in public and private can keep us safe and happy around others!

Jennifer Harrison is the coordinator of The Arc's Taking Action Against Sexual Violence program. She spent her early career in non-profit writing/editing, then later in independent filmmaking. She has since gotten her Master's in Criminal Justice from Boston University, focusing on reentry services and alternative programming.