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The New Jersey Self-Advocacy Project


10/4/22: What Employers Want and Value When Hiring Anyone, Including Individuals with IDD

During this webinar, you will receive an inside look on employer perceptions of hiring, the values they hold towards the process, and what you can do to maximize your opportunities when job searching. All are welcome - job-seekers, employment support professionals, family members, advocates, and more! Andrea Buccelli, the Director of Training and Consultation Services (TCS), brings experience in the Supported Employment field for individuals with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities as an Employment Specialist, Vocational Evaluator, and Program Manager of Employment Services for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. Andrea offers various trainings through TCS specifically designed to provide staff training to supported employment providers, support coordinators, self-advocates, families, and schools throughout the state of New Jersey. Training is offered through a variety of settings; from larger classrooms, small groups, one-to-one consults, webinars, and more. TCS is specialized in customized options developed to meet various training needs.