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The New Jersey Self-Advocacy Project


1/2/24: Decision Making with Jennifer Harrison

How do we make hard decisions? And how do we let people know how we feel? The Decision-making and Communication webinar takes the process step-by-step, teaching participants how to identify their values and boundaries, as well as the potential consequences of their actions so they can make thoughtful and confident choices. We will also explore the role of feelings in our decision-making, and how to effectively communicate them in a calm - but direct - manner. There will be lots of games along the way and audience participation, so get ready to decision-make and communicate with us!

Jennifer Harrison is the coordinator of The Arc's Taking Action Against Sexual Violence program. She spent her early career in non-profit writing/editing, then later in independent filmmaking. She has since gotten her Master's in Criminal Justice from Boston University, focusing on reentry services and alternative programming.