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Calendar of Events

SKIT: Improv Class

Wednesday, July 10, 2024
11:00 am12:00 pm

Our goal at SKITĀ® is to help individuals with IDD develop critical life skills while having fun, discovering, exploring, and finding things out about themselves that perhaps they did not know were there! We do this by utilizing the proven techniques used in Improvisational Theater. SKIT is not an acting class but once they start working with all of our amazing teachers they may find out that they love to perform! Improvisation is about exploring what is possible and it is such a joy to watch all of the imaginative ideas come to life! Each participant can incorporate all of these new skills into numerous parts of their lives. Improvisation helps them discover themselves, their passion, and their creativity. After working on the skills we use in our workshops we will then apply them to a performance, and in my experience, it will lift spirits, boost confidence, and help them face any challenge they may have in life!