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REPLAY: Follow Me! Guided Activities to Boost Your Health and Happiness

Tuesday, June 14, 2022
2:00 pm3:00 pm

**This is a recording of a previous webinar. Experience it for the first time or rewatch it to gain a better understanding of the topic. The question box will be open and we will respond to any questions 24 hours after the event.

Presented by Erin Smithers and former NJSAP member Kelly Mulvaney, this webinar will provide guided instructions on meditation, practicing gratitude, and healthy food preparation. Follow along with Erin and Kelly in our most hands-on webinar yet! To participate in real-time, you’ll need to gather some basic supplies.
A list of supplies you'll need:
-A wrap for the dough
-A jar of Tomato sauce
-1 bag of shredded mozzarella cheese, OR a log of fresh mozzarella cheese
-Healthy Toppings (examples include: sliced peppers, squash, olives, onion, pineapple, tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, basil)
-Spice toppings (garlic powder, oregano, red pepper, parmesan cheese)

Closed captioning is now available! Click the CC button to toggle the captions on/off.

Please note, no credits or "Certificate of Attendance" will be provided for attending this webinar. Should you require proof of attendance, you will receive a follow-up email thanking you for attending, with a link to the recorded webinar and slides.