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NJSAP Brain Games on Zoom

Thursday, June 2, 2022
1:00 pm2:00 pm


Join us on Zoom each week to play a fun game and test your knowledge against other self-advocates as well as the NJSAP Team!
About Bracketeering
In Bracketeering, players submit answers to bizarre questions and categories like “Best thing to hold in your online dating profile picture” or “Coolest person to clone an army of.” Those answers then duke it out in a tournament-style instant-elimination bracket, until the championship answer is crowned.

It’s not only about entering funny answers. It’s about discovering earth-shattering truths about what your friends and fellow players believe to be true. Predicting winners of future match-ups (and convincing others to agree with you) could be your path to victory, even if an answer you typed in doesn’t take the top prize.

Link to Join the Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 931 8223 7903
Passcode: games