February 16, 2015 Letter to DDD Comsumers

Below please see the "Dear DDD Consumer" letter from DDD, which was recently mailed to 2,500​ individuals​ with I/DD who do not have Medicaid.The letter​ indicates that DDD records show they are not receiving a Division funded service and not enrolled in Medicaid. It goes on to say that, as such, their file will be closed effective March 31, 2015.

Some individuals who received this letter may be able to apply for and obtain Medicaid, including those who had SSI in the past.There is also another group of individuals, whom DDD refers to as "non-DACs."   As defined by DDD,​a​ "non-DAC"​ is a person with I/DD who never had SSI, and who is now receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) ​due to​ the work history of a parent  who has retired, become disabled, or passed away. If that SSD benefit is too high to be Medicaid-eligible, then the person ​may ​be able to become eligible to receive DDD services--but the caregiver​ must fill in the Medicaid eligibility form and forward it​,as soon as​ possible​ either to Beverly Roberts at broberts@arcnj.org or to DDD. ​If the form is sent to Program Director Beverly Roberts, it will be reviewed and forwarded  to DDD.If the​ form is sent ​directly to DDD, this is the e-mail ​address to use:DDD.MediEligHelpDesk@dhs.state.nj.us.DDD has a form very similar to The Arc of NJ's form​, called the Medicaid Troubleshooting form.​  It doesn't matter which form the​ caregivers​ use​, but they don't need to complete both. 

Click Here to view the notification letter from DDD about applying for Medicaid by March 31st. 

Click Here for the Medicaid Eligibility Problem Form.


Mandatory Medicaid Eligibility for Adults Age 21 and Over

As of January 22, 2013 the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) adopted a new rule mandating Medicaid eligibility in order to receive services through DDD for adults age 21 and over. (Individuals using a private insurance carrier as their primary means of health insurance can remain with that carrier, but they will also need to be Medicaid eligible to receive services through DDD).

DDD has set up a Medicaid Eligibility and DDD web page that contains the most up-to-date information available, including Frequently Asked Questions, Fact Sheets and a Medicaid Eligibility Document Checklist. The email and phone number to be used to contact DDD with questions or concerns regarding Medicaid eligibility are: Email: DDD.MediElighelpdesk@dhs.state.nj.us Phone: 609.631.6505 

To apply for Medicaid Contact your county Board of Social Services (BOSS) as soon as possible. If your loved one has already applied for Medicaid, meets the income requirements and has been denied Medicaid eligibility: Complete the Medicaid Eligibility Problem Form developed by The Arc of New Jersey and forward it to us as soon as possible by email, fax or mail. (Contact Beth Moffitt at bmoffitt@arcnj.org or at 732.246.2525 x35 if you need the form mailed to you).

  • Special Case: Disabled Adult Child (DAC) Status: In some cases, families have a loved one who previously received Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid. Then, when the consumer’s mom or dad started to collect Social Security benefits due to retirement, their own disability, or sadly, the death of a parent, the adult consumer with an intellectual or other developmental disability (I/DD) also started to receive a Social Security Disability (SSD) check. However, when a consumer with I/DD receives a large SSD check, Social Security makes an exception to the rule, thereby allowing I/DD consumers to become Medicaid eligible under a provision known as "disabled adult child (DAC)." The New Jersey Department of Human Services has developed a Disabled Adult Children Fact Sheet with more information on DAC status.