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Professional Staff

The phone number listed after each employee's name is both their direct phone line as well as their direct fax line. For general calls, dial 732-246-2525.

The Arc of New Jersey

  • Thomas Baffuto, Executive Director 
    732-733-6174 or 
  • Celine Fortin, Associate Executive Director
    732-733-6013 or 
  • Michael Prendergast, Assistant Executive Director
    732-784-6413 or
  • Sharon Levine, Director, Governmental Affairs & Communications
    732-246-6861 or
  • Lisa Ford, Director, The Arc of New Jersey Family Institute 
    732-828-2022 or 
  • Cheryl Crick, Coordinator, Family Advocacy and Advocacy Services
    732-246-2526 or
  • Anna Scruggs, Coordinator, Financial Services 
    732-784-6394 or
  • Helen Rivera, Coordinator, Administrative Services
    732-784-6441 or 

Criminal Justice Advocacy Program

  • Jessica Oppenheim, Esq., Director
    732-828-0988 or 
  • Tabitha Jarrett, Coordinator, Community Resources
    732-749-8510 or
  • Michelle Roberts, Coordinator, Community Resources
    732-896-8206 or
  • Courtney Medley, Coordinator, Community Resources 
    908-442-5277 or 
  • Jennifer Lynch, Program Assistant 
    732-733-6804 or

Mainstreaming Medical Care

  • Beverly Roberts, Director
    732-246-2567 or
  • Jennifer Lynch, Administrative Assistant
    732-784-6397 or 

Planning for Adult Life

  • Jerisa Maseko, Director
    732-828-0972 or
  • Theresa Dimitri, Transition Navigator
  • Sandra Ward, Transition Navigator
  • Caroline McLaughlin, Transition Navigator
  • Gretchen Alonso, Transition Navigator
  • Janet Morales, Transition Navigator
  • George Sangiovanni, Transition Navigator
  • Karen Smith, Program Assistant 
    732-784-6431 or 

The New Jersey Self-Advocacy Project

  • Ashley Ritchey, Director
    732-743-8345 or
  • Erin Smithers, Information and Referral Specialist
    732-246-2525 x26 or
  • Michael Pearson, Jr., Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator
    732-246-2525 x37 or
  • Daniel Pearson, Outreach and Communications Coordinator 
    732-246-2525 x20 or
  • Frankie Bayak, Project Assistant 
    732-749-8514  or

Project HIRE

  • Adam Kubler, Director 
    732-246-7605 or
  • Elizabeth Chu, Coordinator, Quality Assurance
    732-749-8434 or

Training & Consultation Services

  • Wesley Anderson, Director, Training and Consultation Services
    732-609-7022​ or