Project HIRE

Frank DeLucca, Director


January 2014:
Project HIRE's annual Outcome Management Report: 2012-2013.


Established in 1985, Project HIRE is The Arc of New Jersey's CARF-accredited, statewide employment placement and training program for adults with intellectual and related developmental disabilities.

Job Developers help individuals gain meaningful, rewarding employment, while Employment Training Specialists (ETS) provide on-the-job support that includes both intensive training and long-term follow-along, learning to get to and from work, and co-worker socialization.

Benefits to Employers

  • Dependable, punctual employees who will stay on the job. Employees with developmental disabilities are not job-hoppers. They want to learn a job, stay with it and work hard.
  • Free screening, interviewing and training
  • Publicity about employer participation
  • Federal Targeted Jobs Tax Credit

Benefits to Participants

  • The opportunity to hold a real job and earn competitive wages
  • Careful matching of the individual to the job
  • Lifelong access to an Employment Training Specialist
  • The opportunity to make new friends
  • The development of self-esteem that comes from holding a job

Facts About Workers with Intellectual and Related Developmental Disabilities

  • Some employers hesitate to hire applicants with disabilities because they are convinced that individuals with disabilities can't handle regular employment...Not so!
  • Surveys by the U.S. Department of Labor consistently show that men and women with intellectual and related developmental disabilities are highly valued as an asset to the companies that employ them.
  • In fact, employees with disabilities often out-distance their non-disabled peers in task performance, motivation and job satisfaction; and they routinely have excellent track records - often much better than non-disabled peers employees - in areas such as work safety, attendance, punctuality and job tenure; and many come to the job with valuable training from vocational education classes.

Project HIRE Transition Services

Established in 1993, Project HIRE's Transition Services makes successful transition from school to work a reality for students with disabilities. This is accomplished by assisting schools in the development and implementation of quality transition plans for students in special education programs:

  • Students and their families are actively involved in the transition process
  • Students can make informed decisions about future vocational goals and objectives
  • Students will have a realistic picture of the world of work and all its responsibilities
  • Project HIRE's Transition Specialists are available to attend IEP meetings and make recommendations on a student's transition plan

Preparing students for the world of work is one of the most important components of the transition plan. Project HIRE offers four services for successful transition planning:

  1. Community-Based Vocational Assessments, which help students determine their preferences and abilities in real work environments
  2. Job Shadowing and Job Sampling, which gives students the opportunity to experience real jobs of their choosing in their own communities
  3. Job Placement and Job Coaching, which offer students paid work with supports to ensure success
  4. Professional Consultation to help schools in develop transition plans as well as and their own school-based supported employment programs

Project HIRE Technical Assistance Services

Project HIRE provides technical assistance to New Jersey provider agencies on state-of-the-art supported employment. Project HIRE's team of technical assistants have years of experience in:

  • Job development for people with intellectual and related developmental disabilities
  • Assisting in the development of successful Habilitation and Transition plans
  • Providing quality job coaching and follow-along services
  • Community based assessment
  • Analyzing local labor markets and trends
  • Identifying supports and linkages
  • Utilizing state of the art practices and technology in all areas of employment supports

Project HIRE is funded by the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services and the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities.