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Private Health Insurance / Age 26

How to continue a parent's private health insurance when a child with I/DD is approaching age 26

Charity Care Fact Sheet 

This fact sheet from the NJ Department of Health provides information on qualifications for hospital-based Charity Care.  Please note that the eligibility for Charity Care is based on family income and assets, but having U.S. citizenship or a Green Card is not part of the requirements, as it is for eligibility NJ FamilyCare/Medicaid.  If found eligible, Charity Care is available for persons who need in-patient or out-patient care at a specific hospital.  The NJ Department of Health has a toll-free number to assist with any questions or concerns about Charity Care.  For further information please see this fact sheet (which is linked above) or call the Department's Health Care for the Uninsured Program during business hours at 1-866-588-5696.