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Help Get The Bill Sackter Story Onto PBS

“A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story” is an inspirational documentary that tells the story of the real Bill Sackter, a man who was lost in an institution for 44 years, but through the help and friendship of Barry Morrow and other key people was able to thrive as an important part of his community as the harmonica playing proprietor of “Wild Bill’s Coffee Shop”, and his uncommon embrace of life soon led to his becoming a nationally celebrated hero for people with disabilities.

(“A Friend Indeed” was voted the #1 Audience Favorite in 5 consecutive Film Festivals)

The national organization (NETA) is now poised to submit this inspirational award-winning documentary to ALL of the nearly 300 PBS stations across the United States for possible broadcast! In order to prepare "A Friend Indeed" for this great opportunity and maximize its impact across the US, director/editor Lane Wyrick has launched a Kickstarter campaign, and is asking everyone to join the effort.


The campaign will run for a very limited time, so check out our Kickstarter site and view the intro video (which includes the trailer for the documentary) and please consider joining the effort.