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Developmental Disability Awareness Month

2018 Theme for Developmental Disabilities Awareness:

Together We Have No Limits

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month is an opportunity to promote respect for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and to educate others about the abilities people with I/DD possess. For example, some disabilities are visible (a person who uses a wheelchair or crutches to ambulate), while other disabilities may not be easily recognized or seen by the eye (cognitive impairments that affect the way a person speaks, learns, or interacts with others). 

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Bulletin Board Student Contest
Each year, The Arc of New Jersey hosts a Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month outreach event at The Statehouse in Trenton. The theme of this year’s event and design contest is “Developmental Disabilities Awareness: Together We Have No Limits”. Students in grades 3 - 12 are invited to design a bulletin board or video that incorporates the theme of this year’s campaign and illustrates the students’ acceptance of all people and their ability to excel in life.

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Family Ambassador Kit
As an Ambassador you will carry on the tradition of families working together to improve the quality of life for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). In your role, you will help raise awareness about the contributions people with I/DD make to society every day. 

Social Media Tool
In celebration of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, we added a social media campaign to the mix! Please download the template below and write in a message that explains why disability awareness matters to you and how people with disabilities can excel. Snap a selfie and post to Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to tag @TheArcofNJ and include #TogetherNoLimits.