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Healthy Lifestyles Project

9/30/20: Strike a Pose: Virtual Yoga Class

Our guest presenter for this event was Kristen Bond, a yoga instructor. She demonstrated various yoga poses. For this event, the NJSAP team will be provided FREE yoga supplies. 

Kristen is a yoga instructor at IHT (In-Home Training LLC). She brings with her 12 years of yoga teaching experience and a deep passion for the practice. Kristen loves taking an 'Off the Mat' approach in her practice and in her classes, combining the world of nature with the meditative benefits of yoga. She believes that simply being outside in nature has healing powers. Kristen also holds a strong belief that by setting heartfelt intentions you can manifest your greatest hopes and dreams. All of Kristen's classes reflect her passionate belief that yoga truly has the ability to change the world. Her goal is for her students to not just take yoga classes, but to live a yoga lifestyle filled with peace and love.