The New Jersey Self Advocacy Project

New Jersey Self Advocates

Self-Advocates learn how to use voting machines in advance of Election Day.

The New Jersey Self Advocacy Project was established in 1983 to provide statewide support for New Jersey's self advocates. The Project is committed to assisting individuals with intellectual and related developmental disabilities to become involved in self-advocacy as a means of supporting positive change on both a personal and social level. The New Jersey Self Advocacy Project works toward accomplishing its objectives by:

  • educating the State administration and legislators regarding issues of importance to people with disabilities
  • conducting presentations to community groups and conference audiences
  • planning and implementing leadership seminars
  • establishing and supporting self-advocacy groups and helping them conduct various activities
  • working on cooperative projects, including fundraising for community service organizations.

For more information about Self-Advocacy and The New Jersey Self-Advocacy Project, please feel free to email us or call us at 732.246.2525, ext. 22.

DHS Commissioner Connolly presents a proclamation from the Governor to members of the New Jersey Statewide Self-Advocacy Network in honor of DD Awareness Month.

The New Jersey Self-Advocacy Project Publications The Self Advocacy Project publishes two newsletters: The Self Advocate, a newsletter with information for all self advocates in New Jersey Advocacy Matters, a monthly news brief for Self Advocacy Network Advisors

Shred the R-word! Campaign
A major ongoing initiative is the Shred the R-word! campaign, a collaboration of the New Jersey Self Advocacy Project and the New Jersey Statewide Self Advocacy Network.

Person First Language
I'm a Person First, My Disability Comes Last

Related to the End the R-word campaign is the ongoing initiative to increase the use of Person First Language. The New Jersey Self Advocacy Project has created the printable I'm a Person First, My Disability Comes Last Kit to assist self advocates and others in spreading the word about person first language.

Materials Utilized:
2016 Self-Advocacy Advisor and Officer Handbook