Get Out the Vote 2016

Election Day is November 8, 2016 and The Arc of New Jersey wants to help you learn more about the voting process, the candidates running for office and the resources you may need when heading to the polls. Here you will find our Get Out the Vote 2016 Guide and bonus, web-only content. In addition, we will continuously update this site in the coming weeks as candidates send in their responses to our questionnaire. Check back often and be sure to share this page with friends. Remember, your vote is your voice! 

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The Candidates Speak

The Arc of New Jersey reached out to the Congressional candidates running for office because we wanted to know more about where they stand on developmental disability issues. All of the candidates were asked the same questions and we will post all of the answers on this site in their entirety and unedited. 

We asked the candidates the following questions:

  1. What can you cite from your previous professional, personal or legislative experience that highlights how you would support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) if elected to office in November? If you do not have previous experience with the population we represent, what steps will you take in the future to support people with I/DD?
  2. Medicaid and Social Security serve as the lifeline for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These federal programs provide the necessary funding and support to keep people with I/DD living integrated lives the community. If elected or re-elected in November, what will you do protect Medicaid and Social Security programs from any potential cuts?
  3. Individuals with I/DD and their families depend on Direct Support Professionals (DSP) who deliver one-on-one services. However, while these staff members assist with critical tasks of daily living and are integral to successful community integration for those we represent, the starting salary for a DSP is only $10.50 an hour. This low wage has created a significant hiring and retention crisis and diminished the size of this important workforce. If elected in November, what will you do to address wages for Direct Support Professionals?

We also asked candidates to provide us with the address for their campaign web site. That information is provided beneath each candidate's name. An asterisk indicates an incumbent and candidates are listed in order of the district they are running to represent.

Responses to the Candidate Questionaire


When you vote, you choose the people who will be making key decisions on the investment in and structure of programs and services. Learn more about the lifeline programs in New Jersey by checking out The Arc of the US Guide on just how important these lifeline programs are to you, your neighbors, and your fellow citizens. You are our best line of a defense against cuts or reductions to our lifelines! Your stories can make a difference when elected officials are faced with a choice to cut or to invest in the programs that matter in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Self-Advocates in Their Own Words

Jeannie Columbo - Self Advocate

"For anyone who is curious about voting, I say 'try it out!' It is your right. Be an informed voter and know the facts before you make your choice.."

Karen Marshall - Self Advocate

“If you are nervous at the polls, staff members or family can come in and help you with the voting machine. You can get help but still make your own choice.

Mary McLennan - Self Advocate

"Voting lets you speak your mind."